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Science Communication Fail

Goddammit ENCODE, how do you manage to screw up a video narrated by Tim Minchin?

The ENCODE Delusion, via Pharyngula

The video itself was actually quite good for the first half: a little patronising and oversimplified (I rationalise that as being because it was aimed at a younger audience), but otherwise enjoyable and interesting. And then ENCODE ROBOT.

New rule: nobody is allowed to portray any form of scientific research as a giant cancer-fighting robot unless they’re actually building a giant cancer-fighting robot.

I told you we needed to invest more money in medical research. DIDN’T I TELL YOU?!

I’m actually more bothered by the claim that Junk DNA is functional, but ENCODE ROBOT was funnier. I might do tomorrows post on Junk DNA, assuming I can come up with something to say that isn’t just a repeat of what PZ said.


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