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A Few Updates

First of four, I apologise for any formatting problems. WordPress doesn’t like me posting from this machine, and won’t let me access the HTML-editor I usually use to spread my blither across the intertubes, so I’m forced to attempt to use wordpress’ text editor. And, as is always the case when I use software for the explicit purpose for which it is designed, it does it’s valiant best to stop me.

I take this as a good omen. After all, you’re not doing science properly until inanimate objects start taking up arms against you.

Second of e, 0.6.0 is very nearly feature complete, which means I’ll be announcing the release date very shortly. Rovers and Clade Diagrams and Sat Maps oh my.

Third of i, the official website is still down. Frustrating. I tried to sacrifice a goat to our hosting provider, but that didn’t really help much and was kind of embarrassing for everyone involved. Especially the goat, who left halfway through.

The other point about the website being down is the possibility of lost data. I should be able to retrieve things like people’s pre-orders from other locations, but there’s a chance the forums and wiki have been lost. I’m thinking it might be best to treat all this as a fresh start: stop maintaining a separate “Genetic Engineering” version of the game, forget about as many of the indiegogo perks as I can without breaking promises, and organise the site to accept pre-orders without me having to manually create an account for everyone.

Regardless, I do hope the website will be back shortly. Or at least before I find another goat.

Forth of infinity, I’ve got a blog post or two lined up, so even if the website doesn’t come back there should be something interesting to see here over the weekend.

“Or at least, interesting by Qu’s standards, which means it’ll probably be a flowchart of the bodies metabolism or something equally weird.”

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Site’s still down

Grumble mumble grumble.


I’ve temporarily uploaded Species 0.5.0 to mediafire. You can find it here:


You’ll also need to install the XNA 3.1 redist to play it:….




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Site’s Down

My hosting provider had a catastrophic disk failure, and is currently missing from the internetz. Which is bad.

They’re working on getting it back up ASAP. Which is good.

Hopefully it will be back shortly. If you’ve just found the game, check back in a day or two.

Sorry for the trouble everyone.

“This incident totally not caused by an  accidental Orbital EMP Cannon firing. Out of curiosity though, does anyone know how to turn the safety on on one of those things?”