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Waning Poetic: Back to reality….

Early 2006

Buuuuut at the time I was thinking the above (err… below?), my programming experiences were limited.

It was my first year out of school and I was still programming odd little games in Adobe Flash in between University studies. I hadn’t even started with three-dimensional games, and had only just awakened an interest in evolution (which at that stage was less “biology is interesting” and more “annoying religous nuts* on the internet is interesting”). So Species sat in the back of my mind for a while, slowly fermenting (Idea’s are like alcohol: the longer you leave them, the better they get. Also, have too many and you start acting flamboyantly immature), first as a possible flash project, later as a 3D game. It would be two whole years before I took any of those idea’s and began to action them.

So let’s skip ahead a bit…

Someone told him idea’s make you drunk. He’s been this way ever since.

*footnote: For the record, most religous people are not nuts, and many nuts are not religous. There is however, a strong correlation between evolution denialism (a subset of “being nuts”) and religousity, hense my use of the term “religous nuts”. If you do not deny basic science, no offense was intended or directed towards you or your beliefs. If you do deny basic science… well, okay, you’re a nutter, but that’s okay! We’d love to hear your nutty opinions anyway!

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