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Recent Development Work

I’ve been creating Things That Should Not Be. Alright alright, I’ve actually just been modelling limbs, but the Things That Should Not Be are a direct side effect.

Ignore the graphical errors, such is the nature of the development version. I’m much more comfortable creating things when surrounded by unfathomable hideousness and strange transparency artifacts. It’s like Linus’ security blanket, except for me it’s non-euclidian geometry and broken texturing artifacts.

Or possibly I just have a tendency to break things and put off fixing them because coding is more fun than content creation. Irrelevant.




In addition to monstrous abominations of tentacled science, I’ve also been breaking and then fixing and then breaking again (repeat as required) a few other things.

I created a dedicated HighlightTint object for managing colour coding and status flashes on a per-creature basis. Different highlight causes now have priorities, and lower priority causes can’t override higher priority ones. This should fix those display issues with creature’s not showing that they’d been spliced or attacked because of the grazing or feeding cycles. Not the highest priority bug fix, but it came free with the code cleanup and I’ve always been a sucker for bargains (that’s a total lie, I don’t buy anything unless I’ve thought about it and decided it’s useful and practic- YOU CAN BUY QUADROTERS FOR ONLY $50?! GIMME!).


Let’s see… I also glared silently at the QuadTerrain generation algorithm until it surrendered to my will and reduced world-loading times by about 30%.


And I fixed a difficult problem that had been plaguing me for weeks, ever since I modularised the SpeciesList, which is that the species count wasn’t going down when creatures died. Found out it was caused by a typo adding Creatures to the Species twice. Easy fix.


And the Body Part Voting Competition has reached Round 7. It features a choice of heads from Avialae, which is objectively and indisputably the best-est clade. And once again, the choice I voted for is doing miserably.


Toucan Beak
Cockatoo Crest
Hawk Head
Hummingbird Probiscus-beak

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