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First! Whoo!

Welcome to the development blog for Species. I obviously don’t know why you’re here, but for the sake of the argument let’s assume it has something to do with an interest in Evolutionary Biology, Games Programming, or because you just want know more about Species.

Species is, or rather will be, a 3D game, built in C# using the XNA 3.0 game programming framework. More specifically, Species is a Life Simulator: the game prepares an environment for creatures to live in, and they grow, eat, fight, mate, reproduce (imperfectly) and die within that environment. The predictable end result of all this: Evolution.

Evolution remains a controversial subject among the lay-people of some of the most educated countries in the world. This is a strange phenomena, since within the scientific community the question being asked was settled more than a century ago. Evolution happens. We’ve seen it happening, and it is by far the most logical and supported explanation for the massive variety of biodiversity on earth regardless of how life came to exist in the first place.

My intentions for this blog are twofold, displayed below in a convenient numbered fashion:

a) To provide full, chronological documentation (and discussion) of the development process. Since at the time of writing I’m already halfway through the development process, I’m going to be going back to the start and talking about the experiences and processes I went though for this project. This will hopefully give you, the poor innocent reader, a proper start-to-finish narrative instead of a compilation of temporally confused notes. I expect this blog to catch up with the project at some point, resulting in the readers and author running the last few legs together.

b) to provide a platform for evolutionary discussions. I’m no scientist, but several years of internet discussion and debate have bequeathed unto me an “educated lay-persons” perspective on evolution, and perhaps more importantly, a thorough understanding of the horrendously common (and often just plain horrendous) misconceptions and misinformation that swarm over it like flies (no offense to flies).

I communicate in a most casual manner that is not-at-all pretentious or unseemly and should not under any circumstances be read with a upper-class British accent. However, I should warn you that I am occasionally guilty of such things as hyperbole and sarcasm, and I occasionally permit the wild throes of my twisted imagination, thrashing about like a harpooned kraken inside my cranial cavity, to influence my writing. Perhaps this will make this blog more entertaining, or endearing, than it would otherwise be. More likely it’ll be annoying and make you want to strangle me with my own esophagus.

And that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Welcome to the blog.

Some of his best friends are flies,

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