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Body Part Voting Competition Round 9

Community Suggestions round! And once again, my readers come up with suggestions far more interesting than I could ever hope to. Congratulations! Enjoy your horrifying lineup of hideous biological nightmares.



Star Nosed Mole: … 2_mole.jpg
Tremors Monster Head: … 1337521433
Rhinoceros/Hercules Beetle Head: http://digitalinsectcollection.wikispac … eetle2.jpg
Dilophosaurus Double Crest: … l_cast.jpg
Opabina Probiscus Mandibles: … ia_BW2.jpg
Mantis Shrimp Claws: … lt_big.jpg
Dimorphodon Head: … don2DB.jpg


Vote for your favorite here!


PS:: I’m nearly ready to announce a release date for Species 0.6.1, which will contain a variety of aesthetic improvements (Fuuuurrrr!) and a number of behind-the-scenes improvements to the game’s codebase. Watch this space!


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