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Body Part Voting Competition Round 10

One more BPVCT round before release! This time it’s a race between all body parts that were good, but not quite good enough, the first time around. Vote for them so they don’t feel like miserable losers in the face of their aptly demonstrated inferiority!



Parasaurolophus Crest:
Hawk Head:
Hummingbird Probiscus-beak:
Bioraptor Headpiece:
Opabina Probiscus Mandibles:


As always, you can vote by registering on the forums:


I’m so excited for 0.6.1!


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Body Part Voting Competition Round 9

Community Suggestions round! And once again, my readers come up with suggestions far more interesting than I could ever hope to. Congratulations! Enjoy your horrifying lineup of hideous biological nightmares.



Star Nosed Mole: … 2_mole.jpg
Tremors Monster Head: … 1337521433
Rhinoceros/Hercules Beetle Head: http://digitalinsectcollection.wikispac … eetle2.jpg
Dilophosaurus Double Crest: … l_cast.jpg
Opabina Probiscus Mandibles: … ia_BW2.jpg
Mantis Shrimp Claws: … lt_big.jpg
Dimorphodon Head: … don2DB.jpg


Vote for your favorite here!


PS:: I’m nearly ready to announce a release date for Species 0.6.1, which will contain a variety of aesthetic improvements (Fuuuurrrr!) and a number of behind-the-scenes improvements to the game’s codebase. Watch this space!


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Body Part Voting Competition Round 8


Sticking with the Things That Were Not Meant To Be theme, this rounds voting options are taken straight from the nightmares of small children (which we extract with a machine to fuel the clockwork that keeps our shriveled black hearts alive. Don’t worry though, the extraction process is completely humane. Well… mostly).


Vote Here:


Pick between these:

Image Sarcastic Fringemouth


Image Xenomorph

Image Bioraptor


… and a Fourth Option, which is to declare open season on your sanity and just model the most lovecraftian thing we can.



BPVCT – Round 5

Hey look, the runners up from the last few rounds are back for another go for BPVCT Round 5:


Also, here’s a picture of a crowd of fluffy Primum specium (and one scaley one), just to prove that progress is still being made. 



Though I still need to fix that horrible horrible mouth texture… 🙂

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BPVCT – Round 4

Round 3 resulted in the Preying Mantis head being guaranteed for 0.7.0! Giant carnivorous insects! Yay!

This week’s selection is a conglomeration of parts suggested by the Species Community, and if Round 4 proves anything it’s that you guys have even freakier taste in body parts than me. Seriously, I’d ask what the hell’s wrong with the lot of you, but this is AWESOME.

Poll can be found here. You’ll need to register to the forums to vote.

It includes…


Helicoprion Head
Dryas iulia Head
Anomalocaris Head
Cassowary Head
Therizinosaurus Hand
Velociraptor Foot
Klipspringer Foot
(personally I’m rooting for Dryas iulia, but vote for what you want) 🙂

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BPVCT – Round 3!

Welp, Round 2 had a three way tie (roughly… it depends when you take the count) and people took my comment about merging the headtypes seriously, so it looks like we’ll be modelling something lovecraftian, similar to the image below, for 0.7.0. Yay!

That’s a poor precedent to set though, so in the future ties will be broken by some (hopefully fair) means, rather than putting the parts through another horrific bioblending. Sorry guys, but I think it’s gonna be more fun this way. I reserve the right to perform horrific bioblendings for special occasions, though. Like weddings.

Round 3 offers up four beautiful insectoid head pieces, because nothing says “we love our fans” quite like a massive dose of entomophobia. Your options are:





*Praying Mantis*


Go here to vote before the 13th:




“More weddings should be accompanied by horrific bioblending.”

(Edit) You can now suggest your own idea’s for Head Types for future Voting Competition Rounds! I’ll pick out my favorites and/or the most popular ones to use as the Poll Space for Round 4!

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