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Had to take a break…

Alright, guys, I suppose I owe you an apology. I’ve been quiet these last few weeks because my ability to concentrate on one thing for more than 10 minutes at a time has been vanishing recently. This has lead to development work actually stopping for the first time in a few years.


I blame a cabal of reality TV stars, climate denialists, space nazi’s, meddling kids and the reptile people from the earth’s core who currently control the Australian government.


I’m trying to work through this, and I will get back to consistant development on Species as soon as I stop being useless and/or lazy and/or my mindspace is properly aligned with the non-euclidian geometry of the outerworlds, allowing my mind to serve as an anchor for MORGAZULOTH THE CONSUMER. As you can see I’m unable to even finish a sentence sensibly right now, but I think I’m past the worst of it.


In the mean time, here’s what I managed before Tony Abbot started seeding my breakfast cereal with mind control spores.




Fences are now established as a complete game feature, useful for splitting populations, only requiring UI integration and some cleanup to stop creatures and AI-controlled rovers from endlessly attempting to move through them. Also, you can make race courses with them, which serves to remind us just how hilariously impossible the rovers are to drive. Oh, and the fence collision doesn’t extend above the fence, so yes, you can jump them.


Physics work is accellerating a little: I’m attempting to visualise the forces at work in the skelington. It’s costing a moderate percentage of my sanity points to match the forces locations up with the creature’s actual body plan (not as simple as one might expect, thanks to code that was poorly written the first time through), but I’m getting some clean-up done while I’m in there.



Although the debug elements are starting to clutter the screen a little…

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Site’s down

This time it wasn’t entirely unexpected: our old webhosting provider went out of business. I was planning to have a smooth transition to a new provider in the next week, but apparently someone shut the server down early. So much for that plan.


I’m going over the backups: I have a local copy of the site files themselves, but it looks like the forum databases are out of date. This is frustrating because I went to a lot of effort to set up daily backups, but it looks like the code on my local machine hasn’t been running properly. Lesson learned: test everything twice!


Will try to keep everyone updated here on the blog.

(Edit) Good news! The hosting company got the data center to agree to unlock the server, so no data will be lost. I’m arranging a new hosting provider now.

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Forums are back!

Sorry for the disruption. No permanent harm done: everyone’s posts are still there. Just need to fix a few settings, and it’ll be back to normal.

Lessons learned:

1. Take backups.
2. Read the instructions PROPERLY.


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To Primordial Life

I recently noticed that the link to Primorial Life in my Inspiration post no longer works (the original site seems to have been taken down), and since I’m still getting the occasional hit from google searches related to that, and can’t actually find it on the internet anymore outside of full-version torrents (which are technically illegal even if nobody cares), I figured I’d upload the shareware copy from my hard drive:

Primordial Life 3.21, by Jason Spoffard

If you’re here looking for Primordial Life, that should get you there. But a quick word before you leave: please feel free to check out the Development Video’s and FAQ for Species while you’re here. It’s based on the same idea of seeing evolution in progress, but using a macro-scale ecosystem and semi-realistic creatures with heads and legs and tails and stuff rather than microscopic biots.

And if nothing else, there’s a chance you’ll find my slow descent into irredeemable madness entertaining.

Cheers all!

“What does he mean “slow”? I’ve seen him go from normal conversation to “OH GOD THE SPIDERS” in under 3 seconds.”

* * * * * *

(EDIT) It’s been pointed out that the alternate link I provided doesn’t work either. Yaaay. I’ll see if I have a copy of the shareware trial version on my hard-drive somewhere: if I do, I’ll try and upload it somewhere.

In the meantime, here’s a very similar program that was recommended, and seems to be just as good:


* * * * * *

(EDIT 2) Okay, I’ve uploaded my copy of the shareware/freeware/trialware/whocaresware version onto Mediafire and updated the link above. There’s nothing wrong with it but it is an executable file, so if you don’t trust me (I wouldn’t trust me, and I am me) feel free to check out Biogenesis instead. Like I said, it’s very similar.

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No post this week…

… because I’m working on another Development Video. I would have made more progress today than I did, but technology in general loathes me to depths not imaginable even by the unholy gene-spliced clone offspring of the greatest imaginations of our time.

I know this for a fact, because I went into the basement and let him out of his cryotube long enough to ask him whether he could imagine that, and he said he couldn’t. Mind you, he might have been exaggerating. He’s not very happy with me at the moment, given that I locked him in a cryo tube in the basement.


Oh god what? He doesn’t even have a basement.

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Can everyone see the side-bar? It’s supposed to be over there… =>

… but for some reason I’m seeing it right down at the bottom, which is pretty much the definition of useless. Is it just my stupid work browser, or is everyone else encountering the same problem?