* Fixed bug causing uncontrollable population explosions when Automatic Population Control was set to “Niches”
* Fixed crash when setting Time Acceleration to 0 while the “Energy” information panel was open
* Fixed crash caused by new migration routine
* Allowed “Energy” information panel to continue to display change information when paused
* Adjusted “H&C” Automatic Population Control to keep the maximum population a bit further away from the creature cap


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* Sedimentary layers visible in cliffs.
* ‘Fallen Fruit’ (Fruit/Pinecones) now visible on Palm Tree, Bunya Pine and Norfolk Pine (to better communicate that P. specium *can* get food from the large trees).
* Terrain lighting angle adjusted to make the game less dark overall.
* Creatures will now (attempt to) migrate to a neighboring zone if they’re hungry and can’t find any food source that meets an “optimality” threshold.
* Predators that are suppressing population growth and hunting because of lack of prey will no longer suppress the hunger need, and will attempt to migrate instead of idling or occupying themselves with other behaviors.
* “H&C” automatic population control adjusted to try and maintain the population of both at a higher number and reduce the number of extinctions (even if it means capping out sometimes).
* Sat Map will now display the species average of the creatures you hover over, rather than the individual creature.
* Species List (next to Sat Map/Clade Diagram) will now take you to a specimen when you click on a species name.
* No Audio Hardware bug should now be handled more gracefully (muting the audio and putting some error text on the Main Menu rather than crashing).
* “Out of Order” sign hung on the Web of Life (I tried fixing it and made it worse)
* Parking brake added to rovers (should reduce the amount of slipping down hills, especially on 10x speed.
* Droop and Balance costs slightly reduced.
* “Motivation” gene renamed to “Risk-Taking” to better communicate what it does.

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Sedimentary Layers

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution likely wouldn’t have existed without James Hutton’s concept of deep time, which he based on evidence from his profession as a geologist.

I’ve wanted layers for a while. It bothered me more than it should have that the cliff textures were vertically applied like all the other biome textures. So I took a bit of time out of trying to balance carnivores and did this.

I like it. I think it gives the world much more of a sense of age and natural history.



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* Significantly reduced tree regrowth rate
* Reduced tree energy content
* Balanced oxygen absorption of advanced head types to make them less OP.
* Reduced growth cost of limbs.
* Adjusted creatures to take speed into consideration when deciding whether to race others for a food source.
* Increased the threshold at which Automatic Population Control starts raising food efficiency
* Adjusted “H” menu to show only the basic three efficiency options if “Niches” isn’t selected.

* Fixed a bug preventing Automatic Population Control from maintaining the population below cap.
* Fixed another clade-diagram related cause of crashes in long-running games.
* Fixed crash if “Forest Density” was set to 0

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* Fixed a common crash that happened when recording a new species to the clade diagram in long-running simulations.
* Fixed a crash that happened when importing creatures, if doing so would exceed the creature cap.
* Fixed a crash that happened if an underwater grazer tried to graze from pixels outside the map borders
* Fixed a crash that happened when starting a game with significantly increased forest density
* Fixed an issue creating an invisible cap limiting forest density to around 3. Forest density is now unbounded. (Cue people melting their computers with stupidly high forest densities)
* Fixed an issue allowing UI spinners to exceed their maximum and minimum values
* Fixed an issue causing “Initialise Random” to generate 25% more creatures.


Insane forest densities work again! Remember to rake the floors like they do in Finland.


Leave a comment – Forest Stability Buff

Sometimes the smallest of changes can have the largest effects. Case in point, this patch dramatically increases the stability, longevity and food production of forests simply by preventing herbivores from grazing the biome out from under trees. (which was killing the trees and destroying the forests. Aww, they think they’re people).

* Creatures can no longer graze from a ground pixel if there’s a tree on it.
* Trees can no longer spawn on ground pixels which are already occupied by other trees.
* Fixed Nurse bots escaping the nursery and running away. (Why does everything in this game try to escape the inescapable? Wait, better question: why do they keep succeeding?)
* Climate device effect radius increased

Leave a comment – Mac Release! (and improvements)

Species ALRE has migrated to another habitat: Mac OS X! This release also includes another metric bucketload of polish. For those who use the imperial system, that’s 1.102 Fahrenheit and 3 inchfoots of polish.


Special thanks to both Jared and Jay, who volunteered to help me test the game on Mac. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.



* Survivability curve has been broadened. This will particularly benefit creatures generated via the “Initialise Random” setting. (Have you tried “Initialise Random”? I highly recommend it! It’s made from only the finest quality nightmares)
* ‘Niche’ food efficiencies will now very slowly attempt to return to the setting specified in ‘World Options’. (give it a whirl, see what you think!)
* Carnivory and Herbivory further balanced against each other. Still a way to go, but carnivory isn’t quite the knife edge it used to be.
* Adjusted fatigue so that creatures sleep for longer and recharge more of their stamina before setting out again.
* Tail stats will now affect the creatures correctly. (Hopefully they’ll actually evolve tails now!)
* Creatures are more competitive: a creature calling “dibs” on a food source no longer discourages others from going for it if they’re closer.
* Head Type “Eat Rate” will influence oxygen absorption, making the intermediate stage easier to survive for higher order organisms.
* If no viable food source is available, hungry creatures will idle rather than targeting non-viable sources. (Was causing problems for carnivores affected by the hunting suppression system)
* Nursery wall collision planes replaced with an impassible ‘bubble’, both for performance and to prevent critters from escaping.

* Fixed the most common cause of crashes in hands-off simulations (the “IndexOutOfRange” exception coming from the clade diagram)
* Fixed not being able to select items in multi-column dropdown boxes.
* Fixed trees frequently not being selectable.
* Fixed temperature simulation to utilize the same approach as the fertility simulation. (should clean up some lingering temperature issues)
* Fixed bug causing Time Accelleration to influence grass growback rates.
* Fixed being able to generate “underwater” biomes on dry maps by increasing the fertility.
* Fixed a bug causing the map to freeze if you pick the ‘height’ variation method. (Fixing this meant inverting the height-temperature correlation. Set “Temperature Variation” to a negative value if you want cold-up/hot-down)

* Added functionality for showing tooltips on gene spinners in genetic engineering.
* Adjusted bubble particle sprite (Easily the most important fix in this list)
* Adjusted large splash particles for performance
* Minor tooltip adjustments across the board.

* Downgraded the Unhandled Exception dialog into a basic text file for better cross-platform support.
* Reduced fertility adjustment ‘smoothness’ to ensure grass always regrows on specific graphics hardware.
* Added fallback climate shaders to provide support for older Macs.
* Disabled restart when adjusting resolution, since the restart function wasn’t compatible with the Mac build.

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