* Again attempted to fix the most commonly reported cause of crashes. It may or may not fix the the infinite leg flesh expansion bug, but it should fix the ArithmeticException it causes. So… that’s something to look forward to, I guess.
* Fixed glitchy walk animations when a creature is selected.
* Fixed a potential crash when you revive or import a creature.

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I’d say I’m ready to merge the experimental and main branches. Let’s hope this works! Changelog

* Prevented an ArithmeticException related to leg animations from causing crashes when it happens.
* Fixed a bug preventing the “Spinner” controls (up/down arrows next to number inputs) from working.
* Made a number of changes to the UI to better support the new variable-sized fonts. Changelog

* Variable font sizes! Should be of some assistance to people on high resolution screens. You’ll find the dropdown in the “Options” menu.

(Click to enlarge)

* Fixed multithreading bug that could cause a random crash in long running games.
* Improved alignment of some UI features.

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* Fixed bug causing program instability leading to an eventual crash after the “Revive” tool was used
* Fixed bug causing sleep to flicker between frames and stamina to regenerate at half speed as a result
* Made Nurse Bots reset NumberOfChildrenBirthed so that artificial selection won’t stagnate when specific parents are kept alive.
* Made Nursery average creature ‘reset’ when the Nursery UI is opened (to reduce the number of incidents in which it becomes a non-euclidian abomination that causes terrible gibbering madness in all that witness it)
* Made the borders of cliffs a bit sharper (visual adjustment only)
* Lowered cost of empathy when deciding what to eat
* Raised cost of travel distance when deciding what to eat
* Added several ‘early warning’ exceptions to help catch errors before they reach the steam version
* Multiple small background adjustments to make the game more stable overall. I’m hoping it will make the game stable enough to push to the main release branch. (hahahaha it’s cute that I still have hope)

Also, I forgot to do a blog post for sooo… Experimental


* Adjusted grazing to be more random and less biased towards travelling in a specific direction.
* Fixed a bug preventing fins and flippers from increasing swim speed unless they touched the ground
* Fixed a crash when exporting an engineered genome.
* Fixed a crash when starting a game with a small world size
* Fixed a crash that happened randomly in longer running games.

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Still too buggy for stable release, but we’re getting closer! (Which isn’t to say that it’s less buggy than, I’ve actually fixed a lot. It’s differently buggy)


* Adjusted balance calculations to be significantly more realistic
* Adjusted childhood to ‘pull’ a consistent amount of energy each frame, and childhood length to depend on total energy spent (rather than pulling a variable amount depending on childhood length).
– This will fix the problem with food energy flickering up and down.

* Increased ‘base’ stamina amount (to make adulthood easier).
* Increased childhood cost of primitive organisms (will make childhood longer)

* Fixed a bug registering live creatures as “inedible” and preventing hunting
* Fixed a bug making scavenging meat significantly rarer
* Fixed an issue with empathy cost being applied to creatures outside the predators species (which stacked with the first issue to prevent hunting).
* Fixed bug preventing brain report (eg. “Hunger >> Graze”) from appearing in UI.
* Fixed crash when reviving creatures
* Fixed crash when using any god tool with both creatures and corpses selected
* Fixed potential crash when mating/gene splicing.
* Fixed a bug causing the skybox to render at half resolution and show distant mountains on the ‘ocean’ maps, which was never intended.

* Zoomed the camera in to show creatures at a better scale in the clade diagram/satellite map/gene editor
* Displayed balance forces in the gene editor when “Draw Bones” is selected.
* Activated the nursery UI when the first creature is dropped in, to better help players understand how it’s supposed to work.
* Adjusted camera movement to be slightly less floaty

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Now available on the Steam experimental branch.


* Gene Editor now includes a “Draw Bones” option, allowing you to visualize the skeletal physics that govern creatures body plans.
* Made dragging torso bones along the ground cost more in walk speed
* Increased cost of balance problems
* Reduced cost of compressive stress problems
* Caused Pregnancy Length to double after each litter
* Adjusted growth cost gradient to be more costly for simple creatures and less costly for complex ones

* Fixed bug preventing gene splice from working
* Fixed bug preventing corpses from being revived
* Fixed bug preventing corpses from showing up on the Sat Map
* Fixed visual bug showing the creature total as “CAPPED” indefinitely, despite the population dropping off

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Species 0.12.0 Experimental Release

Early adopters rejoice! I’ve just put Species 0.12.0, the Multithreading Update, up on the Experimental Beta Branch on Steam!

0.12.0 adds multithreading to the underlying game engine, significantly increasing the performance (and Creature Count) of the game on computers with Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Octo-Core or Septendec-Core CPU’s.

Please note that this is an Experimental Build. It is likely to be less stable and less performant (though still more performant than 0.11!) than the version that will be soon released to all Steam users.

You can access the Beta branch by right-clicking on “Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution”, selecting “Properties”, then opening the “Betas” branch and selecting “experimental – Unstable Experimental Builds” from the drop down.


At the moment, 0.12.0 adds no features or tweaks: it’s the same game, but faster. In addition to the obvious stability work, I will be polishing it in the coming weeks to make the survival strategies and body plans more varied and interesting, as well as see if I can make carnivory more viable.

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Multithreading Report

In the currently released version of species, I can handle about 1100 creatures with an average FPS of 12.


In the current 0.12.0 Multithreading prototype, I’m getting more than twice that. 2600 creatures with the same average FPS.


I think we can call this a success. 😀


There’s still a few bugs specific to the multithreading implementation, but they’re limited in scope and I’m pretty sure I can see the path ahead, so I’m happy to say that, barring any ‘incidents’ between now and then…

0.12.0 (Experimental) will be released to a Steam Beta Branch within the week.

Once that happens I will begin a stability pass to fix all of the crashings forever prior to 0.12.0’s official release. (Okay fine, most of the crashings forever. Gotta be realistic here).




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