Combat improvements, usability tweaks and fixes

You can opt in to the experimental branch by right clicking on “Species”, selecting “Properties” and going to the “Betas” tab.


* Overhauled hunting behaviours
– Predators will stalk their target while outside detection range, conserving energy as they approach
– Predators will chase their target once within detection range
– Prey will flee if they detect an incoming predator
– Predators will pounce on their target when close enough, dealing bonus damage and initiating a combat instance

* Overhauled combat instances
– Creatures will lock on to each other and take turns trading damage until one dies or flees.
– Predators will lock prey into combat to prevent a flee-fight-flee behavior loop.
* Food source competition
– Aggressive creatures will get angry at other creatures trying to eat their food, and may attack them.
* Added red circles to highlight combat taking place.

* Fixed an issue with some of the more sporadically-used particle systems (blood sprays, pings, strike effects) not rendering
* Fixed the rover camera pitching up when driving forward with W or Up
* Tweaked creature camera movement to be simpler and easier to control
* Added default positions for rover and creature cameras
* Tweaked shade-giving tree’s to provide shelter from both hot and cold temperatures, providing up to 10 C offset towards an average of 20 C at their base.
* Tweaked cannibalism to be slightly viable instead of a complete non-starter.

* Improved support for content mods (body parts, skins, etc)
– Texture mods can now be loaded from *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif and *.dds formats
– Stats and Mutation Mapping can now be stored in the same file

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