* Fixed map reverting to 0 fertility after a few minutes when using “sediment” fertility type (this happened in development builds, and was re-introduced as a result of the performance fix in
* Fixed sediment map reverting to default when you use height brushes in map editor
* Fixed fertility brushes not working in map editor
* Fixed Save/Load removing brushed temperature/fertility changes and reverting the temp/fert target map to base settings
* Fixed temp/fert variety defaulting to (0.5, 0.5) instead of (0.7, 1.0) when using quickstart without visiting the Map Editor
* Fixed options not being selectable in the Options page.
* Fixed Resolution/Full Screen not prompting a restart when changes were made
* New games should once again automatically select the font size appropriate to your resolution.
* Tweaked the fertility cycle (Wet/Dry season) to be less harsh by default
* Tweaked the sediment map to provide more average fertility by default

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