* Fixed bug causing program instability leading to an eventual crash after the “Revive” tool was used
* Fixed bug causing sleep to flicker between frames and stamina to regenerate at half speed as a result
* Made Nurse Bots reset NumberOfChildrenBirthed so that artificial selection won’t stagnate when specific parents are kept alive.
* Made Nursery average creature ‘reset’ when the Nursery UI is opened (to reduce the number of incidents in which it becomes a non-euclidian abomination that causes terrible gibbering madness in all that witness it)
* Made the borders of cliffs a bit sharper (visual adjustment only)
* Lowered cost of empathy when deciding what to eat
* Raised cost of travel distance when deciding what to eat
* Added several ‘early warning’ exceptions to help catch errors before they reach the steam version
* Multiple small background adjustments to make the game more stable overall. I’m hoping it will make the game stable enough to push to the main release branch. (hahahaha it’s cute that I still have hope)

Also, I forgot to do a blog post for sooo… Experimental


* Adjusted grazing to be more random and less biased towards travelling in a specific direction.
* Fixed a bug preventing fins and flippers from increasing swim speed unless they touched the ground
* Fixed a crash when exporting an engineered genome.
* Fixed a crash when starting a game with a small world size
* Fixed a crash that happened randomly in longer running games.

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