Still too buggy for stable release, but we’re getting closer! (Which isn’t to say that it’s less buggy than, I’ve actually fixed a lot. It’s differently buggy)


* Adjusted balance calculations to be significantly more realistic
* Adjusted childhood to ‘pull’ a consistent amount of energy each frame, and childhood length to depend on total energy spent (rather than pulling a variable amount depending on childhood length).
– This will fix the problem with food energy flickering up and down.

* Increased ‘base’ stamina amount (to make adulthood easier).
* Increased childhood cost of primitive organisms (will make childhood longer)

* Fixed a bug registering live creatures as “inedible” and preventing hunting
* Fixed a bug making scavenging meat significantly rarer
* Fixed an issue with empathy cost being applied to creatures outside the predators species (which stacked with the first issue to prevent hunting).
* Fixed bug preventing brain report (eg. “Hunger >> Graze”) from appearing in UI.
* Fixed crash when reviving creatures
* Fixed crash when using any god tool with both creatures and corpses selected
* Fixed potential crash when mating/gene splicing.
* Fixed a bug causing the skybox to render at half resolution and show distant mountains on the ‘ocean’ maps, which was never intended.

* Zoomed the camera in to show creatures at a better scale in the clade diagram/satellite map/gene editor
* Displayed balance forces in the gene editor when “Draw Bones” is selected.
* Activated the nursery UI when the first creature is dropped in, to better help players understand how it’s supposed to work.
* Adjusted camera movement to be slightly less floaty

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