Species 0.12.0 Experimental Release

Early adopters rejoice! I’ve just put Species 0.12.0, the Multithreading Update, up on the Experimental Beta Branch on Steam!

0.12.0 adds multithreading to the underlying game engine, significantly increasing the performance (and Creature Count) of the game on computers with Dual-Core, Quad-Core, Octo-Core or Septendec-Core CPU’s.

Please note that this is an Experimental Build. It is likely to be less stable and less performant (though still more performant than 0.11!) than the version that will be soon released to all Steam users.

You can access the Beta branch by right-clicking on “Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution”, selecting “Properties”, then opening the “Betas” branch and selecting “experimental – Unstable Experimental Builds” from the drop down.


At the moment, 0.12.0 adds no features or tweaks: it’s the same game, but faster. In addition to the obvious stability work, I will be polishing it in the coming weeks to make the survival strategies and body plans more varied and interesting, as well as see if I can make carnivory more viable.

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