Multithreading Report

In the currently released version of species, I can handle about 1100 creatures with an average FPS of 12.


In the current 0.12.0 Multithreading prototype, I’m getting more than twice that. 2600 creatures with the same average FPS.


I think we can call this a success. 😀


There’s still a few bugs specific to the multithreading implementation, but they’re limited in scope and I’m pretty sure I can see the path ahead, so I’m happy to say that, barring any ‘incidents’ between now and then…

0.12.0 (Experimental) will be released to a Steam Beta Branch within the week.

Once that happens I will begin a stability pass to fix all of the crashings forever prior to 0.12.0’s official release. (Okay fine, most of the crashings forever. Gotta be realistic here).




  1. #1 by LdaQuirm on February 3, 2019 - 11:53 am

    Why is your render code coupled so tightly to game logic? Shouldn’t FPS be (almost) entirely based on your GPU? And on how many logical cores are you running? Should one expect better performance on an 8 core system?

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