– Aesthetics and Balance




* Sedimentary layers visible in cliffs.
* ‘Fallen Fruit’ (Fruit/Pinecones) now visible on Palm Tree, Bunya Pine and Norfolk Pine (to better communicate that P. specium *can* get food from the large trees).
* Terrain lighting angle adjusted to make the game less dark overall.
* Creatures will now (attempt to) migrate to a neighboring zone if they’re hungry and can’t find any food source that meets an “optimality” threshold.
* Predators that are suppressing population growth and hunting because of lack of prey will no longer suppress the hunger need, and will attempt to migrate instead of idling or occupying themselves with other behaviors.
* “H&C” automatic population control adjusted to try and maintain the population of both at a higher number and reduce the number of extinctions (even if it means capping out sometimes).
* Sat Map will now display the species average of the creatures you hover over, rather than the individual creature.
* Species List (next to Sat Map/Clade Diagram) will now take you to a specimen when you click on a species name.
* No Audio Hardware bug should now be handled more gracefully (muting the audio and putting some error text on the Main Menu rather than crashing).
* “Out of Order” sign hung on the Web of Life (I tried fixing it and made it worse)
* Parking brake added to rovers (should reduce the amount of slipping down hills, especially on 10x speed.
* Droop and Balance costs slightly reduced.
* “Motivation” gene renamed to “Risk-Taking” to better communicate what it does.

  1. #1 by asss on December 19, 2018 - 5:05 am

    say, why don’t you give the pine cones different colours like the other fruit?

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