– Mac Release! (and improvements)

Species ALRE has migrated to another habitat: Mac OS X! This release also includes another metric bucketload of polish. For those who use the imperial system, that’s 1.102 Fahrenheit and 3 inchfoots of polish.


Special thanks to both Jared and Jay, who volunteered to help me test the game on Mac. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.



* Survivability curve has been broadened. This will particularly benefit creatures generated via the “Initialise Random” setting. (Have you tried “Initialise Random”? I highly recommend it! It’s made from only the finest quality nightmares)
* ‘Niche’ food efficiencies will now very slowly attempt to return to the setting specified in ‘World Options’. (give it a whirl, see what you think!)
* Carnivory and Herbivory further balanced against each other. Still a way to go, but carnivory isn’t quite the knife edge it used to be.
* Adjusted fatigue so that creatures sleep for longer and recharge more of their stamina before setting out again.
* Tail stats will now affect the creatures correctly. (Hopefully they’ll actually evolve tails now!)
* Creatures are more competitive: a creature calling “dibs” on a food source no longer discourages others from going for it if they’re closer.
* Head Type “Eat Rate” will influence oxygen absorption, making the intermediate stage easier to survive for higher order organisms.
* If no viable food source is available, hungry creatures will idle rather than targeting non-viable sources. (Was causing problems for carnivores affected by the hunting suppression system)
* Nursery wall collision planes replaced with an impassible ‘bubble’, both for performance and to prevent critters from escaping.

* Fixed the most common cause of crashes in hands-off simulations (the “IndexOutOfRange” exception coming from the clade diagram)
* Fixed not being able to select items in multi-column dropdown boxes.
* Fixed trees frequently not being selectable.
* Fixed temperature simulation to utilize the same approach as the fertility simulation. (should clean up some lingering temperature issues)
* Fixed bug causing Time Accelleration to influence grass growback rates.
* Fixed being able to generate “underwater” biomes on dry maps by increasing the fertility.
* Fixed a bug causing the map to freeze if you pick the ‘height’ variation method. (Fixing this meant inverting the height-temperature correlation. Set “Temperature Variation” to a negative value if you want cold-up/hot-down)

* Added functionality for showing tooltips on gene spinners in genetic engineering.
* Adjusted bubble particle sprite (Easily the most important fix in this list)
* Adjusted large splash particles for performance
* Minor tooltip adjustments across the board.

* Downgraded the Unhandled Exception dialog into a basic text file for better cross-platform support.
* Reduced fertility adjustment ‘smoothness’ to ensure grass always regrows on specific graphics hardware.
* Added fallback climate shaders to provide support for older Macs.
* Disabled restart when adjusting resolution, since the restart function wasn’t compatible with the Mac build.

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