,111, Eleven, 1:1.1

* Semi-complete ‘Niches’ Automatic Population Control option. The underlying system works correctly (as far as I can tell), but I’m not ready to make it the default until a few unrelated issues are sorted out and I can give it a proper test and make sure it does what it’s supposed to.
– If you try it out, try pressing ‘H’ to see the food source efficiency table. It’s actually kinda cool to watch it adjust itself over time.


Do not eat LavaGrass at home

* Significantly reduced meat build up during grazing to make carnivory less appealing overall. This is to reduce the number of overhunting-induced mass extinctions until carnivore AI can be made smarter.
– In particular, this should make Mass Extinction events easier to avoid for folk with low population caps.

* Added blue lines between the selected creature(s) and their chosen target(s). (Should have done this ages ago. Makes it so much easier to see what the little creeps are up to)
* Gently tied “scanning” speed when making a decision to eyesight. (Better eyes = faster decisions)
* Set default fertility variation to 1.0 to add a bit more biome variety to default maps

* Fixed a bug causing creatures with gills to run for the origin point (top left on the map) instead of downhill towards water when air-drowning.
* Fixed a separate bug causing creatures with lungs not to swim upwards for oxygen when drowning.
* Fixed a crash when generating repeat worlds with “Initialise Aquatic” or “Initialise Predator and Prey”
* Fixed fossils not showing when hovered over in the clade diagram
* Fixed tooltip display issue the first time you hover over fertility buttons

* Re-compiled Linux binary for compatibility with earlier Ubuntu releases (14.04)

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