* Fixed a common crash when loading save games (some corrupted save files should now be viable as well, though the game may reset the clade diagram on them)
* Fixed a rare crash on startup.
* Prevented player from attempting to delete exported creatures/genomes when there are no creatures/genomes in the list
* Fixed a separate crash that could happen when deleting exported creatures/genomes.
* Increased the padding on Clade diagram fossils and species to make them easier to hover over
* Removed depth-floor on how far rovers could sink.
* Removed backwards compatibility with Shader Model 2.0 to prevent associated crash.

Note to people still using Shader Model 2.0: sorry about this. Not many people are still using hardware that doesn’t support Shader Model 3, it has no performance benefits, and it would take quite a bit of development time to refactor the fallback shaders to work with Monogame.

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