Revenge of the Cliff Zombies

Things are going well. We’re well ahead of schedule as far as playtesting goes (despite a few bugs, this has easily been one of the most stable releases so far, making it somewhat ironic that I put aside more time for playtesting this one than I have previously).

And on top of that, a last-minute feature has managed to sneak in!



Well, I say “new”: species 0.4.0 had cliffs, as you can see below. But they got removed for 0.5.0 as a result of rejiggering the biome system. And by “rejiggering” I mean creating.

Cliffs in 0.4.0! Disregard the giant rubber corpses.

Cliffs in 0.4.0. Disregard the giant rubber corpses.

The new cliffs are actually made from scratch, by abusing the biome system somewhat. I couldn’t resurrect the old normal-based cliffs. Sadly, necromancy is not real, and is also fake. Magical zombies are impossible to create.

Quite unlike scientific zombies, which we seem to accidentally create every few weeks! That’s actually why I’m having May post this from inside the barricaded control center of the Orbital EMP Cannon while my minions fight off the ravenous corpses of their former colleagues outside. If you listen carefully you can hear the fight in the background.

“Die you bastards, die!”
“Oh god, is that Dave?”
“Not anymore it isn’t.”

I won’t go into the detail. It’s a long story. Suffice it to say, it’s totally not my fault.

“This is totally the bosses fault!”

Anyway, they’re not perfect. The cliffs that is, not the zombies. They don’t affect what tree’s grow in that location, creature’s can still graze on the biome beneath them, and they don’t actually affect creature’s movement in any way, buuuuut…

Well, they look cool. Isn’t that enough reason?



Cheers from zombie-infested space!

“Remind me again how lucky we are to work in a space station! I KEEP FORGETTING!”

  1. #1 by Marcelo Farias on April 14, 2015 - 4:06 pm

    Dat Cliff! I’ll finally be able to create my little cliff creatures.

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