Happy Easter: Let the playtesting commence!

It’s the most occult time of year again!

Religious leaders rise from the grave! Otherwise kind parents force their children to hunt in the grass for their food! Small mammals in the family Leporidae give birth to sterile brown eggs for occult reasons!

And evil game developers laugh manically while unleashing swarms of horrifying bugs on innocent playtesters!

Okay, that’s not a tradition, but maybe it should be? I dunno.

Anyway, if you wish to be consumed by my genetically modified insects and/or playtest the latest (unstable and full of bugs) version of Species, come join us in the forums where 0.8.0 has just entered the community playtesting stage prior to the release date on the 24th April!

That’s only 3 weeks away!

Prior warning: you may have to brave the dark, malevolent aura that drives the strongest willed men to gibbering madness and actually join the forums to see the playtesting board. Don’t worry though, despite the aura it’s not actual madness. It’s more like substitute madness. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Madness”.

  1. #1 by Whishkey on April 5, 2015 - 2:41 am

    May I ask where in the forums this playtesting may be found? Thanks.

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