Mutation Maps

I really should have done this sooner.


Enterprisey software!


It’s a graphical representation of the head type mutation map. Took me half a week to make, and it’s already showing me a number of interesting defects in the map. There’s one in the screenshot above: see if you can spot it.

If you’re wondering where that particular head should be, you can see it’s originally intended location here:


Wait, what?


The reason for these defects is simple: so far I’ve had to build this entire map textually, with nothing to go on but the names. That’s the “Gen3C”, “Gen4CaA” and “Gen5CcAAA”. The abstract naming scheme was designed to make it easier to connect them up without being able to see them, and without making mistakes. Guess it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.


This tool should fix that little problem by allowing me to see what I’m doing. In fact, I’m considering taking it a step further and allowing me to edit the map directly from this window.


Also, I know 0.6.1 had a smaller Content to Time-Spent ratio than previous updates. This was because I spent half my time on cleanup, rather than new features. I justified this by telling myself it would make development faster in the long run. Turns out I was right! This simple tool would have taken at least a few weeks without being able to reuse the DrawableHead class, and the fancy MutationMap classes I made for the Mod Maker all the way back in 0.4.1.

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