BPVCT – Round 4

Round 3 resulted in the Preying Mantis head being guaranteed for 0.7.0! Giant carnivorous insects! Yay!

This week’s selection is a conglomeration of parts suggested by the Species Community, and if Round 4 proves anything it’s that you guys have even freakier taste in body parts than me. Seriously, I’d ask what the hell’s wrong with the lot of you, but this is AWESOME.

Poll can be found here. You’ll need to register to the forums to vote.

It includes…


Helicoprion Head
Dryas iulia Head
Anomalocaris Head
Cassowary Head
Therizinosaurus Hand
Velociraptor Foot
Klipspringer Foot
(personally I’m rooting for Dryas iulia, but vote for what you want) 🙂

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