Voting Competition Thingy – Round 2

Only two more days left to vote on the head types for round 2!

This fortnights options had a distinctly nautical theme, and despite this there were no marine puns at all in the voting thread. I just want everyone to know I’m very proud of you all. And yet strangely disappointed. I mean seriously, not even one? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?

The options are:

*Baleen Whale*
*Deepsea Toothy*

Baleen leads the pack with 9 votes, closely followed by Hammerhead on 8 and Toothy on 7.

Hmm… I never considered what I’d do if there was a tie. Maybe I’ll merge the winners into some hideous abomination. Or maybe not. We shall have to see.

Thanks to White Parrot for posting this image.

PS: In case you didn’t catch it, last fortnight’s winner was Crocodile Longjaw.

  1. #1 by localSol on October 3, 2013 - 5:32 pm

    Laughing my head off over that huge..thing. Which really I think is amazing and beautiful in a certain way, not really hideous. And maybe that’s the small one of the big one you can’t see out of the view of the image.

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