No post today

Sorry guys. The awfulness of my April Fools post, combined with an unexpected backfire of temporal energy from my fourty-sided timecube doomsday device, resulted in all of my minions rising from the dead in a apocalyptic future where my stupidity caused all their deaths. The zombie minions then rode the temporal surge back to my current time, where they are now besieging their living past-selves in an effort to extract their revenge on me. This is clearly the result of an alternate offshoot future where I was born a dumbass, because I’m clearly not so blatently moronic as to build a doomsday device that backfires.

No, I’m not going to check the triggering mechanism is plugged in the right way, why would that even be necessary?

The result of all this is that, by the time my minions finish being violent towards their undead doppelgangers and the entire population of the earth is crushed under my iron fist, I won’t have time to do a proper post for you guys.

But I’ve rewritten the FAQ. Very few of the new questions over there have even been asked once let alone frequently, and some of them aren’t even questions, but to be fair it shares that in common with every other FAQ ever written. Seriously, who fills an FAQ with frequently asked questions? How rediculous. That would turn the entire thing into a complete farce.

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