Oh nooooo… we’ve just run into a huge problem, guys.

I’ve been reading some recent groundbreaking research from a few vulnerable institutions, and have realised that there is a fourth mechanism in play in biological evolution that I’ve failed to account for. This is going to throw a huge spanner in the works: this mechanism is so fundamental to biology that I’ll have to strip the game down to basics to implement it.

It’s hard to explain the mechanism I’m referring to in laymen’s terms, but I’ll try. It’s a homogenising force, sort of like a “genetic memory” in the average population that, over the course of the species development, selects against extensive mutation. A natural biological pullback, if you will, which prevents an overabundance of cancerous and negative mutations killing off the entire population.

It’s not necessarily related to dominance in genes: even though heterozygotes seem to experience amplified effects, the phenomenon has been observed in recessive epistasis locii as well, so even though the creatures in Species all exhibit signs of codominance, it is something that has to be accounted for, because otherwise we would see exponential hypermutation in the genotype compared to the relatively limited affinity maturation we actually see.

I’m sad to say this is a major setback, but mistargeted somatic hypermutation has a powerful complementarity determining effect on diploid populations, and it would be extremely negligent of me to not implement this Tautomerism (probably via binomial coefficients derived from Pascal’s triangle). At least I can replicate slipped-strand mispairing with pyrimidine dimer fairly easily without sacrificing the spheniscidae and loss of medusozoa of the relatively high frequency drosophila melanogaster. Like a Musa acuminata, you see?

Unfortunately, this will likely set the release date back a few months, but honestly I don’t have a choice here. Until I implement the Kind Barrier, the game just isn’t a realistic simulation of real life biology.




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