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This is a personal blog too, right? So if I see a post I like, for instance, one written by a Liberal Christian on the folly that is Young Earth Creationism (and by extension, Antievolution), I’m not breaking my “no ragging on religon” rule by linking to it and am in fact perfectly justified in doing so, right? Right?

I like the Slacktivist, Boom-de-yada boom-de-yada

The only thing I have to add to all that is that if you don’t occasionally revel in how utterly huge, spectacular, insanely complicated and purely awesome the universe is, you’re missing out.

That's a PHOTO. Also, support the James Webb Telescope!

Everytime he breaks a completely arbitrary rule he invented himself for an obscure internet site, I have to kill a puppy.


PS: Don’t worry, I’ll be talking about Species (ie. actually On Topic) in the next post.

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