Mid 2008

So, the first thing one needs do when beginning to code an evolution simulator is… what?

There’s no right answer to that question, but in my case I went for “make a world”. The creatures would need a ground plane to walk around on, and I wasn’t about to give them a featureless, boring surface. I wanted a world, with hills and cliffs and such-like. So, after optimistically trying “import Terrain“, I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to build my own system for consturcting and rendering the ground geometry. And you know what? I wasn’t going to settle for a sub-standard terrain system. I was going to built the BEST. DAMN. TERRAIN RENDERING SYSTEM. EVER.

Spoiler: some time after I was done, I went and started another, EVEN. BETTER. TERRAIN RENDERING SYSTEM because the one I built for Species was substandard and my comments at the time about it ‘looking awesome’ were kinda pathetic. Live and learn.

Okay, in the interests of full disclosure: at this point I’m going to cheat and shoehorn in a few posts from an old blog I made (now deleted) under another account (now redundant) when I was a young whippersnapper (now less acne’d). If you notice a change in the quality of writing, blame that on past-me, who is slightly less insane and nowhere near as awesome as present-me.

So here goes, over to the me from July 2008…

Also, future-him is kind of a dick.


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